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By this time solemnity had unfolded his grimoire releasing walls of fire that blocked the way The arrangement of the fire wall is very regular and it is not difficult to rush through it but it is very vulnerable to attack by turning a few corners and passing through the narrow fire wall passage This is a common method used by magicians to prevent the knight from approaching If the knight slows down he will be killed by the magician But behind the knight of artificial grass panels the Tyrannosaurus Rex team there is also a magician whose rank is much higher than that of solemnity The magic wand in the mage's hand pointed forward and a road of frost spread out on the ground four meters wide On the four-meter-wide frost road the flames went out one after another Solemn took two steps back and the road of frost stopped in front of him and he retreated just right Their own magic the twinkling of an eye was broken even if only an intermediate magic but also difficult to accept The other party broke too casually The knight approached along the road of frost He looked at the solemn Jiang Yan and the monk Wu Kong "Who will die first" He said with a smile Monk Wu Kong said to him solemnly "Go to your death and I'll take the blame" With a solemn wry smile he unfolded another page of the magic book and a black light rose from the ground forming a transparent wall blocking the knight on the other side of the wall

The wall of the devil's sighs Master you really make me marvel but all this is over! Said the knight raising his lance and after a few steps back he charged Behind the wall of the demon's sighs solemnity has replaced another grimoire and begun to recite incantations Ordinary skills he can instantly release this magic sealed in the magic book but also recite incantations to release the level is certainly not low The face of the magician behind the knight changed the wall of the devil's sigh known as absolute defense of course is not true but with their own strength 5 seconds certainly can not let this magic damage let alone dispel In the magic book of the opposite mage that skill can be prepared in less than 5 seconds There are many enemies who are familiar with their own style and ability but the opponents who are so meticulous even at a low level are quite terrible The knight did not take it seriously the priest behind him has begun to bless and strengthen the state of his body a white halo fell on the knight's body his horse also emitting a sacred light Although he is extremely vicious the gods still favor him because he has sacred blood flowing in his body Like lightning the knight crashed into the wall of the devil's sigh and a lance fiercely penetrated through the transparent magic boundary large palm trees for sale The spear flew out of his hand and the monk seemed to have anticipated the result The nine tin staff went to the ground and half of it was inserted into the ground

Above the staff a red lotus bloomed The knight's spear penetrated the wall of the devil's sigh and disappeared into the red lotus Jiang Yan saw that the strange hat on the head of the five empty monks burst an orb at the same time The red lotus disappeared the knight's lance suddenly reappeared and the five empty monks reached out and grabbed the lance in their hands Neither Luohan nor Fang Zhenmei could grasp the gun Monk Wukong is the meat shield in the team Jiang Yan began to give solemn treatment solemn magic did not release that is because he wants to improve the power of this magic so constantly to the magic book to send their own life power With Jiang Yan he can safely release the highest level of magic the upper limit he can bear Shit there's a doctor! The knight glanced at the scene across the wall of sighs and was startled You know even a low-level mage can kill him if he releases enough powerful magic And the wizard's magic was at the cost of burning life In the magician's side a guy kept releasing skills the magician's magic book the light is getting stronger and stronger if you wait until the end but you will be killed in seconds! "I killed him!" Dragon thorn artificial plant wall panels in the distance also saw this scene the other side has the priest is not too terrible but the doctor's continuous treatment ability the type of treatment are many headaches A sorcerer with a doctor is more annoying than a sorcerer with a priest

A doctor can turn a magician into a fort! All the guys who think they have skills think that a mage is a bad mage if he acts as a turret But that's not the case If a mage really becomes a fort it is a deadly weapon The reason why the mage cannot become a fort is that the cost is huge and the vitality is relatively low With a doctor that is different all kinds of powerful magic do not have to worry about eating back do not have to worry about negative faux grass wall effects can quickly recover Although experience will not let the magician become the core of the team but any team the status of the magician can not be denied Although he is only a DDD-level mage he will make a B-level strong man change his face and color The magic power he controls can destroy everything within a radius of hundreds of meters This is the forbidden curse the power that makes the gods afraid Even the mage on the opposite side of the wall of sighs was in a mess What is this forbidden spell It has been prepared for 7 seconds!

The preparation time of forbidden spells is usually more than half a minute but the power of forbidden spells sealed in magic books will be reduced a lot and the release time will be shortened to less than 5 seconds This is the price of increasing attack speed and no one can be an exception However if the release time of this seal ability can be extended its power will rise steadily The five covenanters with incompatible personalities and contradictions in the team were all nervous at this time The magician wanted to release the forbidden curse and the landing point of the forbidden curse could usually be chosen at a distance of 1000 meters to 3000 meters If you want to escape some are too late and if you want to resist some are unwilling For now the best way is to come forward and kill the magician The wall of the devil's sigh which claims to be absolutely defensive can't stop flying from above On both sides is also the weak point that solemn choice of position although both sides are also straight cliffs the assassin can climb over the mountain Five people immediately spread out dragon thorn around the wall of sighs straight to Jiang Yan attack the magician she was afraid to detonate the magic book hacartificialtree.com

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