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By this time solemnity had unfolded his grimoire releasing walls of fire that blocked the way The arrangement of the fire wall is very regular and it is not difficult to rush through it but it is very vulnerable to attack by turning a few corners and passing through the narrow fire wall passage This is a common method used by magicians to prevent the knight from approaching If the knight slows down he will be killed by the magician But behind the knight of artificial grass panels the Tyrannosaurus Rex team there is also a magician whose rank is much higher than that of solemnity The magic wand in the mage's hand pointed forward and a road of frost spread out on the ground four meters wide On the four-meter-wide frost road the flames went out one after another Solemn took two steps back and the road of frost stopped in front of him and he retreated just right Their own magic the twinkling of an eye was broken even if only an intermediate magic but also difficult to accept The other party broke too casually The knight approached along the road of frost He looked at the solemn Jiang Yan and the monk Wu Kong "Who will die first" He said with a smile Monk Wu Kong said to him solemnly "Go to your death and I'll take the blame" With a solemn wry smile he unfolded another page of the magic book and a black light rose from the ground forming a transparent wall blocking the knight on the other side of the wall

The wall of the devil's sighs Master you really make me marvel but all this is over! Said the knight raising his lance and after a few steps back he charged Behind the wall of the demon's sighs solemnity has replaced another grimoire and begun to recite incantations Ordinary skills he can instantly release this magic sealed in the magic book but also recite incantations to release the level is certainly not low The face of the magician behind the knight changed the wall of the devil's sigh known as absolute defense of course is not true but with their own strength 5 seconds certainly can not let this magic damage let alone dispel In the magic book of the opposite mage that skill can be prepared in less than 5 seconds There are many enemies who are familiar with their own style and ability but the opponents who are so meticulous even at a low level are quite terrible The knight did not take it seriously the priest behind him has begun to bless and strengthen the state of his body a white halo fell on the knight's body his horse also emitting a sacred light Although he is extremely vicious the gods still favor him because he has sacred blood flowing in his body Like lightning the knight crashed into the wall of the devil's sigh and a lance fiercely penetrated through the transparent magic boundary large palm trees for sale The spear flew out of his hand and the monk seemed to have anticipated the result The nine tin staff went to the ground and half of it was inserted into the ground

Above the staff a red lotus bloomed The knight's spear penetrated the wall of the devil's sigh and disappeared into the red lotus Jiang Yan saw that the strange hat on the head of the five empty monks burst an orb at the same time The red lotus disappeared the knight's lance suddenly reappeared and the five empty monks reached out and grabbed the lance in their hands Neither Luohan nor Fang Zhenmei could grasp the gun Monk Wukong is the meat shield in the team Jiang Yan began to give solemn treatment solemn magic did not release that is because he wants to improve the power of this magic so constantly to the magic book to send their own life power With Jiang Yan he can safely release the highest level of magic the upper limit he can bear Shit there's a doctor! The knight glanced at the scene across the wall of sighs and was startled You know even a low-level mage can kill him if he releases enough powerful magic And the wizard's magic was at the cost of burning life In the magician's side a guy kept releasing skills the magician's magic book the light is getting stronger and stronger if you wait until the end but you will be killed in seconds! "I killed him!" Dragon thorn artificial plant wall panels in the distance also saw this scene the other side has the priest is not too terrible but the doctor's continuous treatment ability the type of treatment are many headaches A sorcerer with a doctor is more annoying than a sorcerer with a priest

A doctor can turn a magician into a fort! All the guys who think they have skills think that a mage is a bad mage if he acts as a turret But that's not the case If a mage really becomes a fort it is a deadly weapon The reason why the mage cannot become a fort is that the cost is huge and the vitality is relatively low With a doctor that is different all kinds of powerful magic do not have to worry about eating back do not have to worry about negative faux grass wall effects can quickly recover Although experience will not let the magician become the core of the team but any team the status of the magician can not be denied Although he is only a DDD-level mage he will make a B-level strong man change his face and color The magic power he controls can destroy everything within a radius of hundreds of meters This is the forbidden curse the power that makes the gods afraid Even the mage on the opposite side of the wall of sighs was in a mess What is this forbidden spell It has been prepared for 7 seconds!

The preparation time of forbidden spells is usually more than half a minute but the power of forbidden spells sealed in magic books will be reduced a lot and the release time will be shortened to less than 5 seconds This is the price of increasing attack speed and no one can be an exception However if the release time of this seal ability can be extended its power will rise steadily The five covenanters with incompatible personalities and contradictions in the team were all nervous at this time The magician wanted to release the forbidden curse and the landing point of the forbidden curse could usually be chosen at a distance of 1000 meters to 3000 meters If you want to escape some are too late and if you want to resist some are unwilling For now the best way is to come forward and kill the magician The wall of the devil's sigh which claims to be absolutely defensive can't stop flying from above On both sides is also the weak point that solemn choice of position although both sides are also straight cliffs the assassin can climb over the mountain Five people immediately spread out dragon thorn around the wall of sighs straight to Jiang Yan attack the magician she was afraid to detonate the magic book hacartificialtree.com

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But it's not particularly painful It seems that there are times when it hurts more than this When she was young she was more painful Now she can hold back the pain without making a sound Su Zhuyi looked at the roof with her eyes open looking at a copper lamp hanging on the roof she thought the light in the lamp is so dim is it a mortal oil lamp But I didn't smell a trace of fireworks What kind of lamp is that She could not turn her head she could not move her body she could only see a little bit and her eyes could only see the lamp Su Zhuyi looked for a long time her eyes so open has been looking at the top of the square inch of heaven and artificial coconut palm trees earth do not know how long in that limited line of sight he saw the soft light shrouded Qin Jianglan Qin Jianglan has always been cold he looks very good-looking but because the temper is too cold that handsome extraordinary face appears particularly cold but at this time the soft light on his face his cold are weakened by three points that moment Su Zhuyi felt as if he saw the real immortal His eyebrows are like ink paintings his sideburns are like knife cuts and his face is like the bright moon of the Mid-Autumn Festival

It turned out to be Qin Jianglan of Yunxiao Zong The best sword in the world Qin Jianglan Although surprised it seems to be taken for granted Who else would have saved her Who else could have saved her in that situation Qin Jianglan has a deep entanglement with her The first time he dealt with her was more than a thousand years ago At that time he was still a young man who had just come down the mountain and she was still a young girl He only saved Su Qingxun so he always owed her After that Su Zhuyi took advantage of his guilt took advantage of several times and got away from him smoothly decorative palm trees She had always felt that Qin Jianglan the first person on the right path was affectionate to herself so she had been presumptuous around him several times in the past but she did not expect that Qin Jianglan's feelings were not generally deep he dared to save her you know to save her even if it was against the world He is the most powerful man in the world and he saved her unexpectedly She killed his precious apprentice Su Zhuyi wanted to speak but she couldn't open her mouth She could only hum and chirp

The only thing she could move was her eyes Now she blinked twice and saw Qin Jianglan take out a shining bead from the bronze lamp she was staring at "You're awake" "The light is on and it's not good for your eyes to look at it so directly" His voice is cold there is no expression on his face but Su Zhuyi just feels that he cares about her he likes her since there is such a strong backing as long as the use of good she has never been difficult But when she was still thinking about how to make Qin Jianglan obedient to herself she found that Qin Jianglan had gone and he had taken the shark beads from the lamp Now Su Zhuyi has no spirit at all and her divinity has been badly hurt She can't count on it at all Without light she just blackens her eyes and can't see anything Qin Jianglan you come back That's what she thought The mouth could not open and the nostrils made a little sound that is "hum silk cherry blossom tree hum hum" Su Zhuyi opened her eyes wide and stared in the dark for a long time Qin Jianglan did not come back her body was weak she could not hold up and finally fainted After that every time she woke up the situation was almost the same She didn't know how long he usually stayed in the house but Su Zhuyi knew that when she woke up Qin Jianglan would basically not be around her as if he didn't care much about her whether she was dead or alive But is it really so Su Zhuyi doesn't believe it Her whole body was wrapped like a cocoon every day After a period of time Su Zhuyi thought didn't she change the medicine She is a mortal now and a mortal can't heal like a monk At that time she didn't have a good bone or a good piece of meat all over her body How could she be so wrapped up without changing the dressing At this time she had one or two fingers to move so Su Zhuyi quietly made a slight mark on the bandage she would not wake up long and fall asleep and when she woke up again Su Zhuyi checked the mark It's gone How interesting She smiled

Qin Jianglan this sanctimonious color embryo while she was sleeping stripped her naked looked at the dressing usually ignored her a cold look who knows how many hands and feet he secretly moved when she was unconscious! Want to take advantage of me no way! So wrapped up for three years Su Zhuyi's body trauma is much better Her upper body was basically able to move and she recovered well Her skin was white tender and smooth and she was not worse than outdoor palm trees before These are all Qin Jianglan's medicines but her internal injuries are not good for a while and her legs were poisoned at the beginning and now they are still unable to move There was no bandage on her body and she had to change the dressing on her legs every three or five times Qin Jianglan said she could move so she rubbed the medicine herself Su Zhuyi rubbed it several times but she was tired She asked Qin Jianglan to help but he was fine He sat aside and meditated silently or recited his meditation mantra Su Zhuyi wore clothes given by Qin Jianglan very conservative clothes no patterns wrapped tightly she looked upset and no tools she bit by bit with her hands to tear out ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings

She pulled down the collar of her clothes and exposed most of the plain bellyband inside When she sat on the bed and bent down to apply medicine to her legs the beautiful spring scenery in her chest was exposed outside She took a glance out of the corner of her eye Qin Jianglan's eyes were not open However Su Zhuyi would not give up at this point She wiped it tilted her body and rolled directly under the bed And the right hand fell out of the sleeve the shoulder and arm were completely exposed and the elbow seemed to be touching the ground But the next moment the body did not touch the ground but was lifted by a breeze put her firmly back on the bed He didn't move but Reiki did The friar doesn't just see with his eyes So what if I close my eyes My mind is still open Otherwise how could he react so quickly and catch her directly 3prude But it was no use merely to induce him to help her with the aura and she had to let him again have skin to skin contact with her! hacartificialtree.com

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Cheng Jun today wrapped like a dumpling long dumpling down jacket or small matter he even put on an army green cotton overcoat fortunately he is tall and thin so many clothes do not look bloated the river wind blows that what Yushu Linfeng is to write his words although Feng Jingjing saw the illusion as if this is not the river in November but the Antarctic scientific expedition team stationed He looked at him again with envy large artificial blossom trees The clothes he wore and the clothes she would wear later were really in sharp contrast He didn't wear too many clothes on purpose to stimulate her did he! When Feng Jingjing thought of this she could not help but stare at him with her cheeks bulging Cheng Jun was stared at by her inexplicably and could not figure out why she stared at him so she had to close her clothes and smile at her Feng Jingjing looked gloomily at the clothes she was wearing and then looked at the temporary workers wearing diving suits in the river at the end of summer in the distance and decided to hurry to warm up Juan

I'm going to warm up and run a few laps You help me watch things Feng Jingjing said that she took off her heavy clothes exposed the black sportswear inside and put all the clothes in the van I'll run with you When the words fell the river wind like a steel grate suddenly blew Feng Jingjing who was wearing thin clothes immediately shivered She glanced at him gloomily and refused "No" Before acting I like to be alone If you have nothing to do go to the car It's windy and cold outside Feng Jingjing finished no longer look at Cheng Jun directly did a few warm-up exercises began to run to accumulate hot air When she ran two laps Fang Xia saw that the stakes in the river were almost the same and beckoned her over PS Tomorrow's update time is uncertain Let's watch Volume 6 Chapter 10 Hard Performance [Middle] At the end of summer Fang saw that the stakes in the river were almost the same and waved to Feng Jingjing to come over "Xiao Feng you come to see the position of the stakes clearly so as not to bump into them when you jump into the river" Feng Jingjing stood beside Fang Xiamo and looked down at the stake

The stake is close to the river bank but 20 centimeters away from the water surface You can clearly see its specific location At the end of summer in order to prevent Feng Jingjing from hitting the water he specially asked someone to pick up such a long stake and hit it in the water Feng Jingjing nodded to show that she understood Fang Xia patted her on the shoulder at the end of the summer and encouraged her "Xiaofeng plays well This is the annual drama next year When you become a big star don't forget Fang Dao" Feng Jingjing cheerfully patted him back and laughed "Director Fang if I really become a big star you are the benefactor of my re-creation How can I forget the benefactor" "Hey speaking of benefactor old Jiang is your benefactor that what can not be repaid only with what promise you find him he must be happy to die" On the one hand Fang Xiamo teased on the other hand cherry blossom wedding centerpiece he beat the drum for Jiang Haojun He had long felt that Jiang and Feng were a little ambiguous especially when Jiang Haojun called him and asked him to take care of her more he understood that old Jiang had fallen From the beginning of two classmates Fang Xiatan did not see Jiang Haojun sprinkle any ambiguous perfume on female creatures all women took the initiative to attack Jiang Haojun he has been taking a defensive posture cordial and cold Ambiguous with women Fang Xia only saw Jiang Haojun and two women but also Jiang Haojun took the initiative one is their mutual friend Cheng Qing the other is the Feng Jingjing in front of him Mention Cheng Qing have to say a pity That is a very talented woman People are also very good but unfortunately long crooked men are mostly sensory animals resulting in her lack of interest close to her are some unfashionable things

At that time he and Jiang Haojun had to think of many tricks because of the difficulty of raising funds Including how to get to know the famous Cheng Qing The method that attracted Cheng Qing's attention was what Jiang Haojun thought and after knowing each other it was also what Jiang Haojun maintained the relationship with each other in many ways Young student days of the end of the summer nerve is relatively large things outside the film will not pay too much attention but faintly feel that Jiang Haojun Cheng Qing a little special It was not until Cheng Qing died suddenly and Jiang Haojun collapsed and pulled him to drink for three or four days and decadent for fake blossom tree more than half a year that he suddenly realized that he was the only witness of the black and white youth secret love film Miss the ground and then turn around

He is an unqualified witness What he witnessed was pitiful not that he did not participate in it but that he did not remember it at all He's a witness Ignorant at that time how to remember after! I really hate why he didn't pay more attention to the things around him So that when Jiang Haojun mentioned to him how Cheng Qing was he was half silent or hesitated to deal with it and he felt very guilty Had it not been for their different looks he would have felt that Feng Jingjing was Cheng Qing or another Cheng Qing probably because their souls were strikingly similar Jiang Haojun moved on to Feng Jingjing This time he felt that he Faux cherry blossom tree should help Jiang Haojun to make up for the guilt caused by the missing memory At the end of the summer Fang was teasing and beating the side drum so that Feng Jingjing did not react and was stunned for a moment Then he smiled freely "Director Fang" His affairs were put aside in a strange mess Anyway when the movie is finished

I want to toast you with a big glass of wine first First of all this toast is the first one I have booked No one can grab it with me Whoever grabs it I will be in a hurry with him Hearing this Fang Xia saw that Feng Jingjing didn't want to mention Jiang Haojun so she changed the subject "Hey well I'll wait for you to be the first to toast But first it must be a big cup not a big cup Don't toast me" "It must be a big cup When did Feng Jingjing leak the wind when she spoke" Feng Jingjing just didn't clap her chest to make sure All right I'll see At the end of the summer Fang smiled and looked around to see if the staff were ready "Xiao Feng I think it's almost done You can have a chase rehearsal with the three wolf dogs first If you feel good you can change your clothes for the second time Let's shoot formally and try to pass it once okay!" "Mmm" Feng Jingjing nodded in agreement hacartificialtree.com

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Then he ignored the middle-aged man who was still sitting in front of his stall put away the simple fortune-telling stall and turned away Hey Master you haven't finished my destiny yet No matter how the middle-aged man called the old way was ignored just a few minutes the old way disappeared in the crowd Chapter 2119 the return of the fruit is coming! At this time the time and space shuttle has left the entrance passage of the fairy world and the remnant world of the holy way Mu Xiaoyun and Qingru and others are already on the time and space shuttle even the small ice ginseng has come out Update the fastest to go to the college student novel silk ficus tree plus Kui there are already seven people on the time and space shuttle Although Wuying Xiaobingshen and Qiu Rang are not human beings they have never been treated as pets Kui's mood is also the first time so relaxed this seal array when he went to the remnant of the holy way when he wanted to seal Now he finally did it

If he didn't want to go to the virtual market he had already appeared in Gong Huatian To the virtual city is not a matter of a day or two Kui can not take advantage of the transport array here he has already made plans for a long flight Now everyone is chatting on the shuttle of time and space and they are happy to pass on some of their own experience to the public Brother Ye if it hadn't been for you I might never have been able to wake up in the forbidden land of the Ice God After the topic moved away from the practice Qing Ru once again lamented the life-saving grace of that year There is only a rough guess as to how Qingru appeared in silk olive tree the Ice God Forbidden Area and why those frozen girls appeared in the Ice God Forbidden Area Qing Ru did not explain nor did he specifically ask He is not a person who likes to gossip not to mention that he feels as disgusted as Qing Ru about this matter He knew why Qingru sighed no matter who he was as long as he had the hope of living no one was willing to die Because Qingru still had a trace of soul at that time he saved Qingru with a'Tianxin Fupu Dan ' Now Wan Qing's soul is scattered even if the'Tianxin Fupu Dan 'can not be saved

If he can find a trace of Wan Qing's soul he can save Wan Qing As for whether we can find this trace of soul we can only ask the people of the Hades in the virtual city Qing Ru saw that his eyes were a little low I thought he had thought of the Ice Shrine locking him up with the Ice God Array Just trying to comfort him I heard him suddenly say "No shadow stop the shuttle of time and space let's go down and have a look" "Sister Runan hasn't seen you for a long time" After falling down the time and space shuttle he walked out of the time and space shuttle for the first time and said with a smile One of the three people in front of him was Niu Runan who had some dark skin At the beginning Niu Runan said that he wanted to leave Heng's divine horn so he saw that he was still in this place It's a little strange You are Elder Martial Brother Kui "Niu Runan immediately recognized him and saw that he was not alone" Why are you still here outdoor ficus tree Niu Runan saw the stunning Qing Ru and the beautiful Mu Xiaoyun and asked with some surprise She knew that she had offended many people here and according to her idea the farther she went how could she come back here again "No matter how I'm here what I want to ask is why haven't you left yet" Kui still has a good impression on Niu Runan When he came to the remnant of the Holy Way the first person he met was Niu Runan who had helped him a lot at the beginning There's nothing for you here Get out of the way The two men who were with Niu Runan immediately scolded him

If it were not for the fact that his cultivation is not lower than theirs Maybe they're all going to have an attack He knew at a glance that the two men had stopped Niu Runan but he did not know what the reason was But he knows Niu Runan I will never make trouble for nothing He raised his hand and slapped it out The man who had just spoken was directly slapped a kilometer away and hit a small earth bag The small earth bag was directly smashed into a big pothole Niu Runan knew that Kui was fierce but she did not think that Kui had become so fierce She looked at him in a daze and forgot to speak for a moment

Another immortal emperor quickly reacted and immediately trembled and said "We are the people of Heng's divine horn and our predecessors are so indiscriminate I Heng's divine horn" The immortal emperor did not finish his words and was slapped away again He artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings collided with another immortal emperor and could not stand up in the pit Two immortal emperors in the fairy world is the peak of existence but now in the hands even the mole ants are worse this is the strength of the gap Niu Runan reacted and looked at him gratefully and said "When I left Muhua Mountain I left Heng's Divine Horn immediately" Then I met my mother in Shuiyun Shencheng "Didn't your mother leave you when you were very young" He asked doubtfully that he had heard Niu Runan say this Niu Runan nodded and said "Yes I later learned that my mother had no choice but to leave me"

After I saw my mother again I was very happy to live and practice with my mother but something happened again at this time My mother and I found a fruit of destiny in an experience "Isn't that a good thing" He asked strangely The way of destiny is to understand life to prove the way You'll need it sooner or later Niu Runan sighed and said "This is a good thing but that's the problem" My mother and I did not have the experience of collecting Dao Guo and did not lock Dao Guo with prohibition at the first time As a result Dao Yun overflowed and attracted the attention of others Even attracted a Yudao Shengdi that Yudao Shengdi forcibly took away our Dao fruit but left the breath of Dao fruit and attracted the people of Heng's divine horn Heng Shi Shenjiao took my mother away by force and asked me to find the hidden Daoguo But where can I find it I didn't have Daoguo at all Daoguo was taken away Qing Ru also walked over inserted a mouth to say "that Heng's God horn unexpectedly did not hard search" Niu Runan lowered his head and did not speak but he said with a sneer "It's not that they don't search hard but because that young lady has become a bitch and wants to set up a memorial archway" 。 hacartificialtree.com

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We had a long talk like this I asked about my father but I could see that my uncle didn't tell me in detail He said vaguely "It's a skin injury He's such a rough man What can't he stand He'll be out of the hospital in a few days If not drive to see him tomorrow" Now that my uncle has said so As vague as it is I don't think my father was badly hurt As for the next topic of course Sleep It is the normal physiological needs of living people fake ficus tree But for us It's not a burden after all I still enjoy the feeling of lying in Rong Qi's arms every night and telling each other my heart In the evening Rong Qi and I were still assigned to the small room where I came back last time It was the small bed that allowed me to sleep alone A bed board was added In the outer room the old madman and Xiao Heng Just sleep on the floor One is crazy but the other can talk about life with Shaoxian all night In fact I admire them in my heart Volume IV Chapter 436 Heard of Thanks to my present physical condition my hearing and eyesight are much clearer than before Although Rong Qi and I do not have to sleep but a lot of words we have said in that hole lying in bed but nothing to say but can be so comfortable lying in his arms I'm already happy

It will be light soon After breakfast I tidied up my appearance and Rong Qi came to visit my uncle and uncle This time I had a narrow escape from death although most of it depended on my own willpower But the support behind the family is also very important After visiting all the elders the next thing I did was to drive to the city immediately My father was still in hospital and I had to go and see him We left at about nine o'clock and arrived in the city at noon Before I got off the bus I dialed my father's phone This number was the last time he called me when he informed me about Ji Kang I don't know if he still uses it now Sure enough the phone showed an empty number It's not an underground party As for being so covert We went directly to the hospital after faux ficus tree a good inquiry only to listen to a nurse on duty described "Oh you said the patient called Su Wei tall very burly that" He was here in the morning Xiao Liu the patient Oh out of the hospital just now "What" I was a little surprised that my father had only been in the hospital for more than ten days and he was discharged by himself Is it because the injury is not serious "By the way the specific condition of the patient" I asked eagerly The nurse looked at me and seemed to guess my identity "I am his daughter" I hastened to say Just listen to that nurse sigh "Should not leave hospital so early originally nevertheless he insists to want to leave hospital" "I'm asking about his condition"

I'm a little anxious The nurse obviously has some ink marks The nurse didn't seem to want to talk to me artificial banyan trees either and uttered the words "amputation" "What did you say" When I heard those two words I was struck by lightning and amputated His arm was bitten by me I was infected with a severe corpse poison but he is still alive after all even after the repair not fatal but some of the cost is still indispensable but I never thought It's an amputation Miaomiao I didn't even think about it I turned around and rushed out of the hospital The nurse said he had just been discharged from the hospital and should not have gone far Quick help me find it My heart has never been so confused I kept rushing through the crowd of people coming and going and everyone was trying to find with me one by one but the hospital was too big There are too many people I don't know if it's because of the blood connection between our father and daughter but I always feel that he hasn't gone far yet I rushed straight out of the hall Far away I saw a familiar figure opening the car door as if to leave Dad! I also did not care to hide the strength the figure almost instantly flashed rushed past but also thanks to the quick eye disease grabbed the door he was about to close and the car I did not mistake is my father Sue In Xuanmen there is a very high prestige of the Qingtian Alliance Wu Hui

Only when I saw his slightly haggard face and an empty sleeve I have a feeling of tears in an instant His eyes were red and tears rolled down in a big way And my father seemed to look at me unexpectedly because one moment he certainly didn't notice my breath and large ficus tree the next moment I appeared in front of him in an instant But he knew right away what was going on A little bit haggard face immediately showed a bit of a heartfelt smile said "In the morning to hear the child call said you are all right I am also relieved now look at your breath should have been Dacheng in the future no longer need father's time to worry about guarding" "So you're leaving without saying hello" I opened my mouth and my voice choked with sobs What do you take me for A porcelain doll to be protected Now the porcelain doll doesn't need to be protected Do you ignore the porcelain doll Like in those days there was no news for more than 20 years Wen Yan My father pursed his dry lips

It seems that I finally realized that there was something wrong with what I had done But the natural introversion and no contact between father and daughter for many years let him have a kind of feeling do not know how to contact with me And this feeling I am not The father in other people's eyes is the most amiable but the father in my eyes is a master standing on the pyramid His fame spreads far and wide He created the Qingtian Alliance His legend is everywhere in Jianghu Only I know the least He is always so cold and lonely But I did not think that my father after a moment of silence actually gently as a matter of course spit out a sentence "With Rong Qi you have a good life" "So you're leaving" I smiled coldly Miaomiao "Hey hey" 。 hacartificialtree.com

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Meng Jiangnu looked up at Meng Tian who was slightly embarrassed and the scene in the car came to her mind Suddenly she realized that as Meng Yi's elder brother he must have known about Meng Yi and the tyrant Since the tyrant had the habit of breaking his sleeves he naturally did not want to let the tyrant see him He was also trying to protect himself but he was embarrassed to say it to himself Thinking of this Meng Jiangnu was filled with gratitude to him and said "I understand what you mean!" Meng Tian is confused "What do you understand" Meng Jiangnu shook her head and changed the subject "Are you going to meet General Wang fake ficus tree Jian today" "Well!" Meng Tian nodded and mentioned Wang Jian He suddenly remembered something and said happily "Violet General Wang Jian returned to the court today That is to say Qin has now recovered Yan" When General Wang Ben finishes cleaning up the remaining evils he will attack Qi when he comes back At that time he can take this opportunity to avenge Violet's blood feud!

Meng Jiangnu nodded yes the Chinese New Year is 221 BC is also the year of Qin's destruction of Qi! I can't imagine that I am so anxious to see this year come earlier! When Meng Tian saw that she was not very happy he thought that she was thinking about Fan Liang and Yun'er so he comforted her by saying "Violet is thinking about Mr Fan I understand that" I have also sent a pigeon to inquire There are also many people in Daqin in the territory of Qi Within ten days there will be news so Violet and relax! When Meng Jiangnu saw that he had thought so thoughtfully for herself she couldn't help but feel a fever in her heart She turned over and went to bed She gave Meng Tian a deep blessing and sobbed "Thank you Mr Meng for thinking so thoughtfully for Ah Zi!"

Meng Tian hurriedly helped her up looking at her beautiful face with pear flowers silk ficus tree and rain even though he wanted to hold her in his arms and take good care of her! But thinking of yesterday's recklessness he almost lost her so he had to resist the impulse to hold her in his arms "It's just a simple task" he said with a smile "Why should Violet be an outsider"! Don't mention such words again! Just as they were chatting Laner lifted the door curtain and came in "Young master" she said "the maid Qiuyue has been sent to the front yard to ask if the young master is having dinner now" "Oh I forgot the hour!" The two men smiled at each other and walked out of the house There was a little servant girl standing outside the door Meng Tian looked at her and said "Qiuyue is the second young master back" "Not yet!" The autumn moon answered respectfully I don't know what this Meng Yi is busy with Meng Tian muttered in a low voice Meng Jiangnu rolled her eyes at his back and said to herself "People may be busy talking about love but you are here to worry about it!"!

It's late at night! Meng Jiangnu lay in bed but was not sleepy Meng Tian's words are really a big good news for her! It is almost impossible to avenge Jiang Fu's extermination with the strength of himself and Fan Liang alone! Even though Fan Liang was willing to go to the palace for her to assassinate the king of Qi could she rest assured What's more Fan Liang doesn't know whether he is alive or dead now If you can really rely on the strength of the Qin army then she naturally can not give up! Thinking of this Meng Jiangnu couldn't help smiling bitterly She had been complaining about the atrocities of the King of Qin and his army of tigers and wolves outdoor ficus tree Unexpectedly she had traveled through thousands of years of time and space but now she had to rely on the army she despised to avenge herself! While thinking about it there was a knock on the door outside Meng Jiangnu is stupefied who will come at this time "Who" The door of the wing creaked and Huier clung to the lamp and went out

When I entered the backstage this morning I saw that there were several more collections I am very happy Thank you for your support and encouragement I will continue to tell the story of four men and one woman! If you don't have a collection remember to put it in the faux ficus tree bookshelf It will be recommended in two days It is convenient for you to follow the article in time! When the announcement is over the sleeves bow float away code words Volume 1 Blood Feud Chapter 48 Xiao Di Ensemble Half Life Fate While he was thinking about it there was a knock on the door outside Meng Jiangnu is stupefied who will come at this time "Who" The door of the wing creaked and Huier clung to the lamp and went out It's me A magnetic voice sounded outside the door it was Meng Yi! Meng Jiangnu's heart missed a beat shouldn't he be in the palace Why do you come back so late to find yourself Huier hurriedly opened the door and said with a smile "Who did I think it was" It was the Second Young Master! Meng Yi glanced into the courtyard "Where is your young lady"

"The young lady has gone to bed!"! There's a lot of frost and dew outside If you don't come in first I'll go and call her for you "Oh!" There was a faint disappointment in his tone Meng Jiangnu jumped in her heart and continued to listen with bated breath He sighed and said for a long time "Forget it don't disturb her let her have a good rest!"! Take this flute inside and put it in front of her bed Hearing Meng Yi's footsteps going farther and farther Huier closed the door and walked into the house Meng Jiangnu hurriedly closed her eyes to sleep Huier went to the couch looked at the young lady carefully then put the flute in her hand gently on the edge of the couch and then turned to go out When Huier walked out of the room Meng Jiangnu opened her eyes and reached out to pick up the flute By the light of the lantern in the room she saw that the flute was white and shiny like congealed fat The texture was pure and delicate Meng Jiangnu who loved antiques was more and more frightened It turned out to be the best soft white jade in Hetian-suet white jade! You should know that in the Han Song and Qing Dynasties this kind of suet white jade was highly respected! The price of suet white jade is more than ten times higher than that of white jade with the same quality which shows how high the value of suet white jade is! Unexpectedly there was such a superior flute in the Warring States Period!

I can't imagine that Meng Yi can find it for her! Meng Jiangnu fondly took the flute and played with it for a long time This can not help but put her across the mouth in an instant the beautiful sound of the flute tactfully out through the courtyard the flute sound is more quiet! hacartificialtree.com

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